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A new witness to the quality of the hole drilling rig -- the inspection and certification of the hol


October 2015 20~22 day,
Kongshan heavy invite to the national testing agencies experts -- mechanical industrial rock drilling machine and pneumatic tool product quality supervision and inspection center with professional testing instruments and equipment to the production site and drill hole mountain drill hole on the construction site, the production of heavy mountain "crawler type hydraulic DTH Drill" of the whole performance type rigorous testing, test results show that the hole mountain rig product quality and work performance are significantly better than the requirements of existing industry standards. At the same time, the company's focus on drilling products, professionalism and excellence, has been unanimously praised by experts.
Through this inspection, Kong Shan heavy industry is more determined to take the confidence of high-end product line, continue to adhere to the "safety first, quality first" principle, for the majority of drilling rig users to create greater value!



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