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Drill bit

Different size Drill drill bit


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The drill bit is a kind of drilling equipment that uses compressed air as power source, penetrates the impact power into the drill hole, controls the piston to make round trip movement through the gas distribution device in the impactor, impacts the drill bit configured at the front end of the impactor, transfers the impact energy to the drill bit, and then breaks the rock.
At present, the drill bit is widely used in open and underground mines, quarries, hydropower projects, well drilling, mineral exploration, rock cable anchoring hole drilling, geothermal excavation, subway engineering excavation side pile support and other construction sites. Due to a series of characteristics such as high flatness of drilling hole, smooth hole wall, good rigidity of drill pipe and impact device, independent of high axial thrust, unrestricted drilling depth and low equipment investment, easy maintenance and so on, it has been widely valued by the drilling engineering industry.

Various types of drill bits are available: low pressure drill bits, medium pressure drill bits, high pressure drill bits.



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